Today, we come together for a somewhat special article. I step out of my comfort zone by writing this article for you because I recently discovered the world of children. No, I am not pregnant, but an aunt to a little boy who arrived early in our family, bringing us great joy!
Since the announcement of this news last Christmas, I have taken a closer look at the world of little ones, especially the various brands that exist, and I have not been disappointed! Indeed, the world of babies is impressive, both in terms of the diversity of products and the different brands. I don’t know if it’s not the domain that contains the most variety because even today, after months of searching for the perfect and essential baby gift, I continue to discover new items!

The best ideas for baby gifts

This article is mainly to give you ideas for baby gifts if, like me, you have a friend or family member who will soon be a parent. We all want to give the perfect baby gift that will be essential or simply stand out. It’s the gift you want to give to make someone happy, but also to treat yourself. So, I’ve put together a wide range of baby gifts, including clothes, accessories, plush toys, decorations, and baby boxes. There’s something for every taste and budget!
Not knowing the baby’s gender, some gifts are gender-neutral, others more suitable for a little boy, and, above all, I’ve tried to find gifts that can be personalized because I find it so cute and touching to offer something unique.

Plush Toy : The Best New-born Gift

We start with the gift that is probably the most given: the plush toy! I couldn’t help but offer a stuffed animal, especially since I’m a big fan of a particular brand of plush toys, which is none other than Kaloo. This brand, for me, brings together the perfect plush toy, both visually and in the choice of fabric and colors. The added bonus is that it comes in a beautiful round box, like a hat box, that you can reuse to store or decorate the baby’s room. And the Kaloo family has grown with its friends, so I also fell for the little dog!

Baby Clothes

What we often offer after plush toys is clothes. My sister-in-law gave birth a little before the due date, so she hadn’t bought any newborn clothes. So, I treated myself by going to Petit Bateau to find a few outfits.

But most of the time, we buy clothes a little larger than newborn or 1 month because we have no idea of the baby’s size. I recommend giving 3 months or more, depending on the season. For this, I looked for different styles of clothes for a little boy and discovered beautiful sustainable brands such as these baby grows made of organic cotton from the online store Eko Gaïa.

A baby gift that looks a little ahead in time but is greatly appreciated is the first pair of baby shoes.

For this, I chose a pair of leather shoes for next summer, the season when Baby will take his first steps. It’s the brand Cendy Paris, created in the 1960s, that inspired confidence in me for my nephew’s first steps. Their shoes are elegant in all simplicity. Special attention to the quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes is the motto of this company.
I selected the high Mary Janes named “Ines” in navy, which immediately reminded me of my childhood.

Children’s leather shoes by Cendry Paris

Accessories: An Original and Useful Baby Gift

Changing the tone after introducing you to pretty brands for dressing baby, here’s an essential accessory for the child, but for the parents’ great joy: I’m talking about the pacifier clip.

Often made of plastic, they are not very attractive. I discovered the brand Natural Baby Shower which offers cute pacifier clips made from cozy material. I opted for the “Done by Deer Cozy Keeper – Blue – Birdee” model