Discovery of Snake & Twist Studio in Paris 16

Thanks to Classpass, I had the opportunity to discover the Hot Power Yoga class in English at Snake & Twist studio. Here, I share my opinion on the studio and their classes.

Located in the west of Paris 16, just a few steps from Trocadéro and the Arc de Triomphe, Snake & Twist offers a unique approach to yoga, emphasizing the style of Hot Power Yoga (with a variant called Baptiste Power Vinyasa).

In addition to Yoga, Snake & Twist also offers Pilates classes and the Lagree Fitness method. The Lagree Fitness method is a physical training program created by Sebastien Lagree. It focuses on muscle strengthening, toning, flexibility, and endurance improvement.

Snake & Twist Studio: Summary Review

  • Crowded locker room
  • Sound disturbances from adjacent rooms.
  • Small room and overcrowded space, affecting the immersive experience.
  • Precise and personalized instructor corrections.
  • Availability of classes of yoga in English
  • Warm and dynamic Power Vinyasa variant that allows for a good body workout in a short session.

What is Hot Power Yoga?

Hot Power Yoga is a demanding discipline practiced in a heated room at 30°C. According to enthusiasts, this heat promotes toxin elimination through sweat, allegedly refining the silhouette and strengthening the muscles of the body. However, it is essential to note that these benefits have not been scientifically proven.

My Hot Power Yoga Experience at Snake & Twist

This was my first time trying a Hot Power Yoga session. The heated room creates an enveloping atmosphere, but personally, I found it a bit unpleasant to sweat so much during my session.

The power vinyasa aspect was the highlight of this experience: it’s physical yoga, and I really felt the effects on my body after the practice, even in a short 50-minute session.

Yoga Classes in English

One distinctive feature of this experience was that the class was conducted in English. For me, which was good for me. But it is crucial to be cautious before booking your class if you are looking for the ones in English, because most classes are in French. Call and ask before booking.

Excellent Teaching

One aspect that truly enriched my experience at Snake & Twist was the excellence of the yoga instructor. The sequence was well-structured. The teacher paid attention to the participants’ postures, and precise posture corrections allowed me to make the most of each movement, adding a personalized dimension to the yoga practice.

Drawbacks of Snake & Twist Yoga and Pilates Studio

1. Limited Facilities

Despite the positive aspects, some drawbacks are worth mentioning in my review of Snake & Twist. The very small locker room requires some preparation, with the recommendation to bring your own towels and toiletries. If possible, come already with your yoga clothes.

After the session, having sweated so much, you inevitably need a shower. However, there is only one shower, which I did not find super clean.

2. Sound Disturbances

Another observation concerns sound disturbances. Snake and Twist is also a fitness room. The music and instructor’s instructions from the adjacent room sometimes created a noisy ambiance that could be heard despite our own music, mainly during relaxation. Far from the relaxing experience sought in a yoga session.

3. Overcrowded Spaces

Another notable drawback was the high number of participants in a relatively small room. The proximity to other participants and the walls did not quite allow me to relax and be comfortable for postures with more open arms.

Yoga Rates at Snake & Twist

  • 1 class: €33
  • 5 classes: €160
  • 10 classes: €280

Snake & Twist Pilates Prices

Group class

1 group class: €50
20 classes: €700

5 classes: €210
10 classes:

1 “Pilates Teenager 11-19 yrs” class: €35

Private Pilates class: €200


In summary, if you are looking for a Hot Power Yoga session in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, it may be worth trying Snake & Twist to draw your own conclusions. However, it is important to consider the mentioned drawbacks, such as limited space and sound disturbances, before fully committing.

Personally, I prefer the Yuj Yoga studio, which is not far away and offers more comfort, specializing in yoga.

Snake and Twist Information and Contact

66 bis rue St. Didier, 75116 Paris

Phone: + 33 9 86 26 02 85